Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Faiez Hasan Seyal

Hello bloggers!!!!
I m gonna tell u something about a very gr8 person......"FAIEZ HASAN SEYAL". He is a behavioral scientist and also writes books. His best of them are the series of Road to Success.
He was nothing before. Than Mr. Faiez went on a motivative seminar. In that seminar there was a person who was giving a lecture upon how to succeed in life. Before leaving the seminar he just made a promise to himself. He said to himself that from now onward's I am not gonna do anything wrong in my life. That was where Faiez Hasan made his life. From then onwards there was not a single day when he woke up with no aims in his mind. He was only a teenager at that time. You can also revolutionize your life. What you have to do is only make up your mind from nowonwards that you are gonna make your life a dream for you.
Faiez Hasan Seyal relates a very comprehensive story in his book Road to Success(4) about alice in wonderland
        Cat: Hey Alice! what are you upto?
        Alice: I am just finding out which way to go?(she had two road's infront of her)
        Cat: Where do you want to go?
        Alice: I don't know
        Cat: Alice than it does'nt matter which ever way you choose......coz you dont know which way  
                to go!

There is a short lesson in this short story.
    "Make up your mind to choose what to do.....and then head for it!"(Sohaib Yousaf)
 So for my this short blog i just wanna suggest you to plzzzz read the series or see the seminar on youtube
It will really change your vision about life.........